7 R&B Artists to See in Concert in 2019

Everyone loves a good concert. However, only real concert-goers know that its all about the experience more than anything. There’s no question that you attend to witness your favorite artist perform his or her greatest hits, but that’s only a small part of it.

People go to concerts to be amazed. They expect good music and a spot on vocal performance, but what makes a great show is what they don’t expect. Some artists use theatrics while others provide effects. A guest performance also provides some excitement. And the best of them know how to sing their heart out on stage without even moving; choosing to connect with their audience personally. All of these things make an experience.

Singersroom has put together a list of upcoming concerts in 2019 that you won’t want to miss.

Ella Mai

Newcomer Ella Mai was able to capture the world with her first two singles “Boo’d Up” and “Trip.” With the release of her self-titled debut album, she’s embarking on her headlining tour this year. In the few times that Ella Mai has been seen live, she’s showed that she still has the spark that made millions of people fall in love with her music. Imagine what an entire concert will be like; which why it’s worth the experience.

Ella Mai will be on tour Jan 14.-March 28. She will also be a performer at Coachella 2019 (Dates).

Tamar Braxton

Known the to disappoint, Tamar Braxton is undeniably an amazing performer. No one can say that she doesn’t put her all into her performances. From soul-quaking vocals, captivating dance numbers, and pulling fans on stage, Tamar understands how to keep a crowd’s attention.

Tamar Braxton will be performing with Snoop Dogg March 1-3 in Newark, NJ, Upper Darby, PA, and New York City.

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige is not only an R&B legend, but the Queen of Hip-Hop/R&B also has too many hit singles to count. Not to mention, all of her albums are considered as classics. Mary’s discography is so dynamic, just her singing song after song is enough to give an amazing show. You can’t call yourself a fan of R&B if you don’t show up for MJB.

Mary J. Blige will be giving a special performance for the Cincinnati Music Festival on July 25.


SZA has proven herself to be an artist that can give the people what they want. Her songs are genuine and appeal to the masses with their mix of simplicity and down-to-earth lyrics. People love her, and in turn, she’s able to connect with every soul through her music.

SZA has a confirmed concert in Miami during February.

Lauryn Hill

Even though she has a reputation of showing up to her performances extremely late, it’s still Lauryn Hill. She’s probably the only artists that can piss a bunch of people off and keep them coming for her performance. Lauryn Hill is a living legend. She’s an enigma that must be experienced.

Lauryn Hill is touring in Australia and New Zealand this year.

Janelle Monae

There’s no doubt that Janelle Monae is a standout performer. She’s had a very fruitful last couple of years; besides acting, she has released a lot of great music. Janelle is one of those artists that gives her all when on stage. Though she’s a small chick, she has a lot of energy that can make a whole stadium get up on their feet. Definitely an underrated artist, which makes the show even more worth it. She’ll give you something to talk about.

Janelle Monae was confirmed as a performer for Coachella 2019. Afterward, she has three dates in the UK and Ireland.

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

A classic R&B experience. Frankie Beverly and Maze have been a staple for years at every cookout and family reunion. It’s the music that everyone has grown up on even if they don’t remember. If you’re a real R&B fan and not just a fan of what’s playing now, you have to go see Maze.

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly will be on tour February through April.