15 11, 2019

Johntá Austin Talks New Album, Writing Hits For Tyrese, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and More

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Johntá Austin has been the pen behind some of the biggest hits within the past few decades, but he's also an excellent performer. Working with artists such as Usher, the late Aaliyah, Trey Songz, Ideal, Mariah Carey, and more, Johntá is considered an industry pro. With the release of a new project titled "Love, Sex, and Religion," the crooning songwriter is [More]

22 10, 2019

INTERVIEW: Nicole Bus, Half Singer Half Amazing

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Meet Roc Nation's R&B sensation Nicole Bus! With a humble soul and beautiful voice, she graces every stage with expertise and nails every interview with grace. Nicole, who has a sound akin to some of her biggest influences (Sade, Bob Marley, and Lauryn Hill), hit the road on the "Let Love" tour with Common and garnered critical praises for her [More]

9 10, 2019

INTERVIEW: Singer Such Talks New Album, Self-Love, Being a Creative, More

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Recently, independent R&B/Soul singer Such celebrated the release of her new album, 'Wide Nose, Full Lips,' with a special live performance at Brooklyn Manor in Brooklyn, NY. As promised, I attended the show, fashionably late, but was able to witness the magnetic and soul-stirring sounds of this eclectic artist. Following the performance, I spoke with the beautiful and boisterous songstress about the [More]

13 09, 2019

Steven Beck: Finding “Balance” With Music and Influence

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When you sit down and speak with the sculpted crooner Steven Beck, don’t judge a book by its cover. On the exterior, you see a man built similarly to a WWE wrestler that can bench press an entire building. However, he’s just a humble, emotional, and comedic talent with an extraordinary ability to sing. “I get all the time that [More]

6 09, 2019

FEATURE: Jason J. Carter, A Unifier Of Sounds With ONE Musicfest

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Jason J. Carter is a prestigious and powerful man, who is the founder of One Musicfest, Southeast's largest annual urban progressive music festival. The annual celebration features a diverse range of music, including classic and next-generation hip-hop, soulful R&B, alternative, and rock. Founded in 2010, ONE Musicfest is recognized as one of the most highly-anticipated celebrations of the arts in [More]

26 08, 2019

FEATURE: Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind, and Fire; A Musician Of Love 

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There are musicians and then there are legends! Philip Bailey is a legend who has made music throughout the years with the iconic Earth, Wind, and Fire. Growing up as a kid, I played the saxophone and my grandfather would always turn on the television screen with old VHS tapes of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s legendary performances. The jazzy feel, [More]

16 08, 2019

The Prelude To Princeton Perez: Groomed For Promise And Ready To Take Off (Interview)

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Step into the world of Princeton Perez, former fan favorite of successful boy band Mindless Behavior and an upcoming superstar in the music industry. Throughout his journey from his younger days, Princeton has portrayed roles in well-known music videos and toured with multiple R&B heavyweights such as The Backstreet Boys and Jason Derulo, appeared in numerous commercials with McDonald's and [More]

14 08, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Sacramento’s R&B Brother-Duo Blaq Tuxedo Drops Self-Titled Album, Talks Project

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Two years after releasing their ABA project, Blaq Tuxedo makes a return to the limelight with their self-titled album, 'Blaq Tuxedo.' The nine-track opus includes features from industry heavyweights Chris Brown, Eric Bellinger, and Luke James. The set's cover art positions the duo looking toward the gorgeous California sunset with a shadowy looming over it. Interestingly enough, it perfectly captures the [More]

5 08, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Jovanie Is Defining The ‘New’ Brooklyn and Living His Dreams with Lots of ‘Magic’

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Jovanie is the 'new' Brooklyn - and he's using social media to push all of the Borough's cultural 'Magic.' The social media pioneer/obsessor is using the many platforms to boost his career and get in touch with his fan base. Before his local peers, he learned that covering classic R&B songs would help him get noticed by industry professionals and [More]

29 07, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Baker Grace Explains Her ‘Sad Summer,’ Performs Sold-Out Show at ‘The Echo’

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Baker Grace is admirably comfortable and confident in her vocal pocket. The stillness of her piercing, straight-forward tone moves in silence, yet, executes so powerfully. And the crowd here at The Echo, a quaint venue space in the heart of Los Angeles’ Silver Lake District, is fond of the singer/songwriter’s defining approach to performance. In the age of technology-assisted performances, [More]

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