7 Reasons Why Jhene Aiko Is Our Spirit Songstress


From incorporating sound therapy into her music to giving off a totally laid-back vibe, Jhene Aiko’s spirit shines bright.

You know that feeling when you first meet someone and immediately you feel connected to them? Their energy, it’s like a magnetic pull, drawing you in and opening up your heart space.

That is the essence of Jhene Aiko’s spirit. Loving. Grounded. Peaceful.

One can’t help but feel present in her presence, or when playing her tunes. A bright beam of light emanates from her soul and illuminates her music, and Jhene’s wistful voice will undoubtedly envelop you and carry you away into a sea of existence.

We compiled 7 reasons why this Souled Out singer-songwriter, poet and mother is our spirit songstress. So dust off your yoga mat, brush up on your morning mantras and let’s get lifted.

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