20 Morning R&B Songs To Jump-Start Your Day


In those first waking moments, we all have the power to influence the direction of our day. If you feel yourself “getting up on the wrong side of the bed,” you can recalibrate to the right simply by shifting your thoughts and being grateful for living to see yet another day.

Lyrics from Lionel Richie’s uplifting ballad “Good Morning” inspired the creation of this morning R&B playlist, a song in which the R&B/Pop legend joyfully sings, “cause every breath that you breathe, every day that you see, is not guaranteed, oh no.” It is a friendly reminder for us to celebrate and honor rising every morning.

As awareness returns to the body and you begin to peel open your eyes, take a deep breath, stretch and lift those covers, why not set an intention to enter a “positive vibes only” zone? Here is our list of 20 R&B morning songs to help you accomplish just that; whether you prefer a mellow record to ease into your day or something a bit more uptempo to raise your vibration, we got you covered.

Listen to Lionel Richie’s “Good Morning” and click the page numbers below to hear the other 19 songs!

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