Spice Tackles Colorism By Black Women With “Black Hypocrisy”

We’re a little late with the posting of this music video, but what’s very on time is the message in the clip.

In the clip for her single “Black Hypocrisy,” Jamaican dancehall recording artist and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice brings awareness to the divide when it comes to black women and skin color.

Taking notes from Civil Rights leader, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Spice starts the video with an eye-opening speech. “I had a dream that one day black women will start supporting each other rather than bashing each other,” Spice tells a roundtable of dark skin women. “Ladies, never forget that your beautiful, lovely, attractive, courageous, and kind.” She ends the speech with an applause with the declaration, “I’m black without apology.”

Once the clip launches, it hits at the heartstrings as Spice delivers the thought-provoking and socially infused lyrics about black women not supporting each other. “I get hate from my own race, yes that’s a fact / Cause the same black people say I’m too black,” she sings.

Colorism is a predecessor of racism. Lighter skinned women were always placed on a higher platform because it made it easier to blend in with the majority. This is something that’s well prolific in American media, Hollywood, and even corporate America. This is a conversation for another time, but we can appreciate Spice for expanding the conversation.

The video itself arrived a day after Spice deleted all the photos from her Instagram account, and added a new image (pictured below) that featured her with a much lighter skin tone and blonde hair, with the caption, “Nothing wrong with a fresh start.”

This drastic new look left the internet scratching its head, and although it wasn’t real, the feedback that highlighted the racial divide between black women was.

The Beatles sang “All You Need Is Love,” and we truly believe that love will be the only thing that can dissipate this divide. Watch the clip, join the conversation, and play your part #Blackwoman.



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