Ice-T & Mr. X Release ‘The Brutal’ EP

Coming from their Electronic Beat Empire (EBE) Record label, Hip-Hop legends Ice-T and Mr. X have released their latest music project The Brutal EP. With six tracks, the EP shares its name from the title track, “The Brutal.” While EBE are the initials for the record label it also stands for extraterrestrial biological entities.

The Brutal is a techno-house project inspired by graphic novels and alien images. It contains murderous content paired with irresistibly catchy, computer-based music. Each song offers a unique take on techno music, like “The Brutal” which has an aggressive tech-house blast of angry synthesizers and acid-house dissonance. “Killer Die” is a glitchy techno track with body-moving breakbeats and a hard, highly percussive element. “The Crowdstock” is pure techno with a razor-sharp melody that mercilessly shreds the heavy bassline like shards of broken glass. And”Save It For The Haters” draws on trap and twists this tune around a speedy, double-timed percussion as swaggering as it is hypnotic.

Friends for years, Ice-T and Mr. X first came together in the late 80s. Known as Afrika Islam back then, he would produce eight gold albums for Ice. The stage name Afrika Islam came from his time as the apprentice of Afrika Bambaataa, who taught him how to remix tracks. As Afrika Islam and Mr. X, he went on to become a prominent techno music DJ in Europe, while Ice would pursue an acting career throughout the years. The two have reunited to combine the sum total of their careers into an exceptional project that can be appreciated internationally.

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Tracklist for The Brutal E.P.

  1. The Brutal
  2. Killer Die
  3. The Crowdstock
  4. Sitting In Bangkok, Waiting For My Chics
  5. My Ex Girl Took My Money
  6. Save It For The Haters