Tiffany Evans – 143 EP

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Tiffany Evans, but she’s back and bringing us some love music right in time for Valentine’s Day with her new EP 143.

The free 10-track set, released by her own label, Little Lady Entertainment, features contributions from Elijah Blake, Maad Scientist, ChrisNTeeb, Sak Pase, and WatchTheDuck.

The mother and wife wrote a open letter for the EP thanking collaborators, family, and of course her fans whom have waited a while for the 20-year-old to release new music.

“To my Fans I love you so much. Thank you for hanging in there with me during this whole process. Even though this is just an EP, I feel like I owe you guys this. You have shown so much love to me throughout the years and all I wanna do is make beautiful music for you guys to listen to and be inspired by.”

Overall, 143 is a project that should have been released to iTunes. The set features Evans' strong vocal deliver, great production and well-penned messages about life and love.

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