Olivia Nelson Releases Well-Rounded Debut EP, ‘For You’

London based R&B/Soul singer Olivia Nelson releases her much-anticipated debut EP, ‘For You.’ Headed by the lead single “Never Too Late,” as well as the popular releases “Hideaway,” “Smother me,” and “Up All Night,” the finely-calibrated 9-songs set features collaborations/cowrites from Jarreau Vandal, Carrasius Gold, Fred Cox, Tev’n, Franc Moody and more.

‘For You’ is themed around the end of a significant relationship in Olivia’s life and through love songs, stories of heartbreak and cautionary tales, she finds an outlet for her emotion. On electro-ballad ‘For You’, Olivia describes making personal sacrifices for someone who doesn’t reciprocate. ‘Smother Me’ talks about the peak of a relationship, the hype and infatuation. At the midpoint of the EP with ‘Pouring’, she describes coming to terms with changes in a relationship. The latter half of the EP tells of coming to terms with change and self-sufficiency, with closer ‘Crybaby’ seeing Olivia find a resolution.

“It was about knowing that this person was a special part of my life and honoring that, but knowing that sometimes it’s a good thing when things end,” states Olivia.

Olivia first appeared on Jarreau Vandal’s ‘Someone That You Love’, which totaled over 10 million streams. She is inspired by iconic artists like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill

‘For You’ Tracklist:
1. ‘Hideaway’
2. ‘For You’
3. ‘Smother Me’
4. ‘Never Too Late’
5. ‘Pouring’ (Interlude)
6. ‘Up All Night’
7. ‘Sugar’
8. ‘Chameleon’
9. ‘Crybaby’


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