Trey Songz Says He Wish His Relationship With Kelly Rowland Wasn’t ‘Platonic’

Since their steamy performance at the 2011 BET Awards, rumors have been floating around that Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland are romantically involved. More fuel was added to the fire after the “Motivation” singer played Songz’s love interest in the music video for his latest single “Heart Attack.”

“I think they look very cute,” said Trey Songz’s mother April Tucker following the release of the music video. “I was on set and she’s very sweet and they have amazing chemistry in front of the camera, but they’re good friends. I like her though, she’s a sweetheart.”

Now, in a new interview with our UK friends TaleTela, Songz maintains that their relationship is platonic, but insist he wish it wasn’t.

“It’s definitely platonic, I wish it wasn’t,” says Songz. She’s amazing and I joke around with the idea of that, but all in all she’s such an amazing friend.”

He continues: “When she steps into a room, she makes the whole room glow, and she just has a spirit about her that she’s really kind and she’s always the same person every time you meet her.”

We may have to place these two on a couples watch list.

Do y’all like them together?

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