EXCLUSIVE: Southern Playas Talk Style, Musical Inspiration, Culture & Atlanta

Rappersroom had the opportunity to meet up with Southern Playas, ClayJames and Sweet Tooth in the historic Castleberry neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Catching up with the duo we learned about the Southern Playas swagger, the importance of Atlanta to the music culture, and musical inspirations across the board.

The Southern swag is exhibited not only in the way they speak and the music but also in their everyday appearance. The gentleman stepped on set very dapper with Southern charm from the old school hats to being suited and booted. The rap duo credits being born and raised in the South as a stepping stone to their southern twain. They also credit artists such as Marvin Gaye, Soulja Slim, T.I., Hot Boyz and many others for their inspiration of the southern brand that they honed.

The Southern Playas dug deep into the concept centered around culture. The duo spoke on the importance of culture and how it spreads about and how Atlanta and Houston have impacted the culture. Don’t just take our word for it check out the interview below.