Joe Jackson Claps Back At Quincy Jones; Suggests That He “Should Know Better”

First T-Pain, now Joe Jackson.

The internet is still buzzing with the aftermath of legendary music mogul Quincy Jones‘ recent interview with Vulture. In the interview, Quincy spilled a lot of beans — from dishing on who killed John F. Kennedy to President Donald Trump, Jones’ mouth was a loose cannon.

During his sit down with Vulture, he also spoke on the late Michael Jackson and his issues with fame, his father (Joe Jackson), surgery, pills and even accused him of stealing music from disco diva Donna Summer.

Word of the controversial statements got back to Joe Jackson. Joe told TMZ reps that, “Quincy Jones (should) know better.” He followed up by suggesting that Michael indeed wrote all of his music and never sought out to steal anything from anyone; that includes riffs, melodies, lyrics, and beats.

Quincy referenced that Michael (allegedly) stole the catchy chorus for his hit single “Billie Jean” from Summer. He said that the song’s lyrics mimicked Donna’s “State of Independence.”

Since the interview’s release, there’s been a significant spike in online streams for “State of Independence,” which was released before “Billie Jean” hit the charts in 1983. With over 150k streams, the single rose 12k percent according to Billboard.

Quincy recently ended a legal battle with Michael Jackson’s estate, in which he was the victor walking away with royalties for his production services of hits on some of Michael’s biggest albums. On July 26, 2017, a jury ruled that he should be granted $9.4 million in royalties from the entertainer’s estate.

Quincy is known for his artistry and contributions to the industry, but his words are also known to ruffle a few feathers. Who will step up to Jones next?