Follow London-Based Singer-Songwriter Hudson East on The ‘EastWay’ (EP)

London based singer-songwriter Hudson East introduces himself to the world with his nine-track debut EP Eastway.

This is a solid project, full of timber for your speakers and emotion for your heart. With production thanks to Rascal, OZ, and FrancisGotHeat, Hudson describes the project as “A non-conceptual project reflecting on the thoughts and feelings of a young man dealing with the many encounters you would expect in love and life. Sonically, there are slightly dark overtones in the EP’s production, represented with some heavy bass-lines, meshed together with some authentic elements of R&B.”

Tracks such as “Got Me” and “Intro” (which samples the Isley Brothers’ “Between The Sheets”) will have you pressing replay. “Woman’s Intuition” and the heartfelt piano on the last track “Realist Out” acts as the soundtrack for Hudson’s thoughts.

Hudson has been heavily influenced by music from a young age, learning to play the piano and drums before making the natural steady progression into writing, producing and recording his own music.