Tinashe Jabs Internet Trolls and Bullies on Twitter

Tinashe is following in the footsteps of stars like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj by checking “disgusting” people. Taking to Twitter yesterday (Mar. 22), the rising R&B sensation voiced her feelings over recent attacks on the social media site.

“Internet trolls and bullies in general are disgusting people with nooooo lives. Emphasis on no lives. #losers,” the “2 On” hitmaker wrote. “Go get some self esteem and a hobby. Lmao”

One of her attackers, who is also a Demi Lovato Stan, responded to the tweet with, “@Tinashe are you mad that you'll never be like us? Stop whining and make a career!”

Tinashe quickly fired back with, “I'm on a world tour who is u.”

The gift and the curse of social network!


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