Will Tyrese Reunite with Taraji P. Henson On Empire’s Season Finale?

Are Baby Boy’s Jody and Yvette planning to reunite on the small screen? If interpreted correctly, some playful social media banter could be a hint that it's so!

Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson and actress Taraji P. Henson could be reuniting once again on the season finale of FOX’s breakout smash series Empire this Wednesday (March 18)!

It’s been nearly 15 years since Gibson and Henson came together to play Jody and Yvette in John Singleton’s classic film Baby Boy. Now, Tyrese is talking smack on his Instagram, playfully hinting the two may be working together again soon.

Writing as his character Jody from Baby Boy, Tyrese aims to get Henson (who plays sassy Cookie Lyon on Empire) back.

He writes,

"I'm not cool with all these dudes feeling up on Yvette and it's on TV? I heard they call her Cookie now? The homies are telling me I gotta get my b-tch back… I guess I gotta change my name too and do some show called #Empire? Cause that' where Yvette is now under her alias #Cookie? Damn…. see you soon —— Jody"

Joining in on the friendly competition, actor Derek Luke, who plays Cookie’s bodyguard and lover, replied,

"From one talented brother to the next @Tyrese yo know how us darkskin brothers do. Jody couldn't keep his hands off Yvette but now Malcolm can't keep his hands out the cookie jar. #CookieMonster #teammalcolm #Empire"

To which Gibson replied,

"Sometimes hands get caught in the cookie jar……Understand this playboy…I OWN the cookie jar #NoTeamDarkSkin….#JustME….See you soon"

Ha! Could Tyrese appear on the explosive season finale that has everyone waiting on the edge of their seats for?

To find out, tune in Wednesday, March 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the two hour finale. Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Hudson, Rita Ora, Juicy J and Patti Labelle will all guest star.