Yeezus 101: Kanye West To Be The Focus of Academic Textbook

Kanye West will join Tupac and Biggie as a central figure in hip-hop to be explored in the classroom when “The Cultural Impact of Kanye West” will be published in 2014. Written by Julius Bailey, a philosophy professor and writer from Springfield, Ohio, the academic offering will explore the things that make West a pivotal figure in hip-hop culture and music.

The official summary reads:

“This book offers an in-depth reading of the works and cultural impact of Kanye West. Looking at the moral and social implications of West’s words, images, and music in the broader context of Western civilization’s preconceived ideas, the contributors consider how West both challenges religious and moral norms and propagates them.”

According to reports, the book will also take a look at West’s religious views through his lyrics, as well as his history of soul music sampling.

Bailey has also written “Philosophy and Hip-Hop: Ruminations on Postmodern Cultural Form” and edited the work “Essays on Hip-Hop’s Philospher King Jay-Z.”

Get you copy of “The Cultural Impact of Kanye West” on March 6, or pre-order now on Amazon.