Brian McKnight: The Music Industry Accepts Filth

Is Brian McKnight a little salty or is he speaking the truth ? In a recent interview the Grammy Award winner claimed there was a reason why there were gatekeepers on music years ago and now, with the internet, the industry is accepting filth.
“Now that the music industry accepts filth, anyone should be able to do it if that’s what they promote,” McKnight said when asked why he thought there was much controversy over his song “If You’re Ready To Learn.”
Admitting his music was sort of safe or clean in the 90s because that was the only thing allowed, McKnight says you can’t turn back once the gate is opened.
“Once you open the floodgates, you can never close them,” he tells the Modesto Bee before claiming the internet has made recording artists too available. Because of that, we now know “everything so there’s nothing to be excited about.”
Despite the current state of music, McKnight is still playing shows and has a loyal following.
“My core fans tend to love everything I do,” says McKnight. “There aren’t a lot of outlets for romantic black singers anymore.”