Ne-Yo Rejects MLK Role, Refuses to Pack on Pounds

Singer/songwriter and Motown-head Ne-Yo turned down an opportunity to portray Martin Luther King Jr. in a new movie for two reasons: 1) Music trumps movies, and 2) the role called for a 30-pound weight gain. The Sunday Mirror reports that since the mogul-in-training is prepping for the release of his “R.E.D.” album due out in September, the role had to take a backseat. “I definitely want to do more acting but it’s got to make sense with the music,” Ne-Yo said.

Not only that, the 30-pound weight gain required for the role also deterred the crooner, who has been going hard in the gym to beef up for a new image to coincide with the release of “R.E.D.” “They wanted to start shooting at the time my album R.E.D. comes out and wanted me to gain 30 pounds, so I couldn’t do it,” Ne-Yo admitted.

It was a tough decision to turn down, but the entertainer stand s by his music first and foremost. “I’m kicking myself but acting can’t take the place of my music. Plus, I’ve been killing myself in the gym for months preparing for this album because I wanted a complete makeover.”