Jordin Sparks Shines & Sparkles on Teen Choice Awards

Jordin Sparks was radiant at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards Sunday.
Showing off her new figure, after losing 50lbs, the rising actress spoke highly of “Sparkle” on the red carpet.
Expressing hope that everyone will see the movie, which stars the late Whitney Houston, Sparks says “I’m trying to represent it as best as I can.”
“It’s weird to say, because I don’t want this to come off wrong in any way, but there are a lot of people who are gonna go see it because it’s her last film and because it was the last thing that she did,” Sparks told THR. “I think that’s going to be amazing, too, because you have people who might not have gone before who are gonna go see it and are gonna get to see how incredible she was.”
“Sparkle” is due to open August 17.
Check out pics/photos of Jordin from the Teen Choice Awards below:

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