Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Missing Cast Member?

It’s never a bad idea to go to a radio station and dish out relationship ups and downs etc. with the infamous Breakfast Club Morning Show before going on a 43-city tour and releasing an indie EP ‘The Young Life.’ Rapper Diamond recently passed by NYC’s Power 105 to talk about her relationship with Lil Scrappy, currently a cast member on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”.

Diamond cleared up rumors that she left Scrappy because he was broke and why she pulled out of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reality show. (Like she would be honest about that anyway.) It’s too bad we didn’t get to see her go toe to toe with Scrappy’s mother, that would have been classic, but let’s just see what she had to say.

On whether or not she left Scrappy because he was “broke”:
 “If that’s the case, I wouldn’t have been with him for a long time ago. It wasn’t about that. It wasn’t about us being artists. When you’re in a relationship with somebody, you’re in a relationship with somebody. You’re in a relationship through good, bad, thick and thin. That’s just how I am.”

On her decision to pull out of doing Love and Hip Hop:

“See that’s the thing, I didn’t know who the cast were. Once I realized that I didn’t have control over the edits and certain things that happen… I can’t play with my life like that. I been done went to jail…somebody got hurt. No but seriously, I have polished up. I’m 24 now, I’ve been doing it for 10 years and all that foolery, I just don’t entertain it no more. I’m too busy and I got too much to lose.

Maybe Diamond will join the cast and I’ll stop wondering why they call it Love & Hip Hop rather than Love & R&B!