Mariah Carey “Fanbushed” in Monaco

Oh, dear! Someone’s job as security for superstar Mariah Carey may be in the can after a fan jumped on stage during a concert set in Monte Carlo, Monaco on June 2. The superstar just finished her iconic inspirational hit “Hero” when someone jumped on stage, ran up to the star, and began hugging and taking pictures with what looks like his camera phone.

“Hello!” Mimi surprisingly said among a barrage of awkward hugs. “My security is impeccable!” she sarcastically added. Two guards are seen waiting in the first row, seemingly hesitant to assist the two on stage attempting to pry the star away from the fanatic. After what seemed like forever, the stage intruder was escorted off stage, and Mariah was whisked away sooner than planned, as she wasn’t finished saying her gracious “thank-you’s.”

However, the seasoned diva handled the awkward (and potentially scary) situation calmly. Check out the footage, as well as pictures from the concert below.

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