Declare Yourself

Forget which candidate you prefer – for the moment. Skip over the media coverage, the truth, the lies, the dedication songs, and the lunch-hour roundtable debates held nearly every day to discuss the declining economy, foreclosures, and so on. Leave behind the anger, contempt, frustration, and hope. Why? Because, come November 4, 2008, only those who are registered to vote will actually have the power to do something about the aforementioned issues and emotions.

Though it might seem obvious, many Americans forget that in order to vote, you have to be registered to vote. There are millions of Americans that are not registered. This is not a free for all; there is no coming to class without being enrolled. You must be registered to vote in order to cast a ballot on Election Day!

Deadlines for voter registration are approaching quickly for all states and it is absolutely urgent that any United States citizen, eighteen years of age or older, register immediately. There are a number of ways to become registered and the process only takes a few minutes. First, you can go to your state’s government website; there you will find the needed information and possibly be able to request a registration form. Second, any voter registration drive in your area will have the necessary application for voter registration. College campuses often play host to these types of drives. Third, you can visit one of the sites listed below:

Vote for Change (
Rock the Vote (
Declare Yourself (

If you are currently attending college out of state, you have the option (depending on the state’s law) to either register in your home state (you would vote via absentee ballot) or the state in which you are currently attending school. Be sure to check the voting laws and registration deadlines for the state of your present residency

For your voice to be heard and for hopeful change to become an actual reality, you MUST register to vote! —— By: Bethany N.


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