Nick Cannon Tackles a Slew of Social Issues in “Real Problems” Spoken Word Video

Rapper, actor, comedian, entrepreneur, and radio & television personality Nick Cannon reveals the powerful spoken word video “Real Problems,” and man, he has a lot to say.

In the clip, Cannon is seen walking through an under-developed area as he delivers compelling words about politics, religion, government, class, and more in various societies.

As previously reported, Cannon was hospitalized over the Christmas Holiday due to complications with Lupus.

Check out some excerpts from the clip:

Real Problems

196 countries in the world and
I bet you think ours is the best

Real Problems

You probably more focused on Trump
and all his White House guests

Real Problems

Lack of agriculture and clam-based thinking
Modern day slavery
Mass incarceration
Eugenics and planned population
Masterminded by Abraham Lincoln

Real Problems

The world’s poorest countries full of
100% believers
But in the most richest countries
The Most High are the achievers

Real Problems

People living in caves
Sex slaves
Child molestation
Unspiritual rituals
Is this shit even getting to you?

Real Problems

Famine in the Motherland
But in Chicago I’m shooting at my brother man

Real Problems

New World Order
It’s controlled by what you order
at McDonalds, dollar menu, biodegradable cups
Fucked up, they charging me for free water

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