First Look: Leona Lewis is Sexy and Reserved For New Album, ‘I Am’

Leona Lewis continues to create buzz around her forthcoming album, I Am. The latest offering from the upcoming effort, which she described as "empowered, earthy, and authentic," are promotional photos. In the images, the always reserved and traditional singer-songwriter shows off her welcome smile in various outfits.

The album is coming September 11th," Lewis previously confirmed on Twitter. The set is heralded by the single, "Fire Under My Feet."

On the upcoming effort, the former X Factor winner will take a deeper journey into her mind, heart, and soul.

"It's like full circle back to where I started and where I began and why I started doing music," she stated. "I've met people that I've respect and love so much doing this… then I've met people that have come in and taken advantage of me."

She continued: "I've always embraced everyone with open arms and see the best in people…a lot of people were telling me how to be and how to act and what to say… I'm gonna say whatever it is I wanna say, and I'm not gonna compromise myself anymore and I'm not gonna censor myself."

Check out the photos!

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