Mack Wilds Covers Vulkan Magazine Online

With his new album After Hours out now, Mack Wilds is on fire with his acting career on FOX’s Shots Fired and VH1’s The Breaks. The “it” man is also the current “cover man” for Vulkan online magazine. In the issue, the singer-songwriter/actor talks his new album, balancing being an actor-musician, and keeping it real through it all.

About being an actor/music artist, Wilds explains that fans sometimes can’t separate his music persona from his character roles.  “I think that it’s hard for the fans to see me as someone outside of the roles I play and that does add a new dimension how I am represented,” he said. “I mean it has dictated some of my experiences, but it doesn’t dictate my whole life, so I don’t think that I’m in any way less authentic.”

About being authentic in the face of his success, Wilds says the people he keeps close are grounding forces.  “It wasn’t hard for me to remain humble as I had an amazing support team that kept me grounded. I also find pride to be hindering to growth.

Mack nails the photo spread shot by  Timothy Smith. In the shots styled by Mikiel Benyamin, he sports various pieces including a varsity jacket, velvety blue pants and t-shirts.

Read the entire interview HERE. Go behind the scenes of the photoshoot in the video below and hit “next” to peep the photo spread:


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