Eddie Murphy – Oh Jah Jah

For over a year, Eddie Murphy has been flirting with the idea of dropping an album called 9. He dropped “Red Light” with Snoop Lion in 2013, followed by “Temporary” and “Promise (You Won't Break My Heart).” Then came allegations from Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild that Eddie stole the concept from their album of the same name, and talk of Eddie’s project slowly faded away.

Now he’s returned with a new tune called “Oh Jah Jah,” and it’s an authentic reggae tune which touches on tough social topics and rallies with faith and hope. "Police in the street shooting down black babies / Glory hallelujah for the young and the innocent….We’re leaving Babylon and going back to Zion,” Eddie sings in his best Jamaican patois.

"Oh Jah Jah," will be available on iTunes on Jan. 27, but don’t expect an album to follow…unless “Oh Jah Jah” does well. Eddie tells Rolling Stone, “If people respond to ["Oh Jah Jah"], then I might. If people don't, that shit will just stay on the shelf where it's at. And I'm cool with that. I'm cool with all my shit being on the shelf until 100 years from now. Everything comes out 100 years from now. Any artist that did anything, once you're gone, they go looking through all your shit. Like this scrap of paper that you drew on. If I'm doing a movie or if I'm going onstage, that's me being funny. But music, I do that all the time, for free. And if you do something for years and years and years and years, eventually you gonna get a little better at it. I got some stuff now.”

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