Omarion Denies Rumored Break Up With Apryl Jones

Omarion's son threw up the middle finger to reports that his father broke up with Apryl Jones and more.

That is at least the way Omarion put it on Instagram Tuesday, sharing a picture of his son, Megaa, with a middle finger pointed.

"I told Megaa…>Son, they think someone else is your dad. He said {LOL} Maury said YOU ARE THE FATHER. #hegaveYOUtheFinger #Ididntshowhimthat #stopwiththefakepress #Ilovehismomma #Megaa #yallLovetostartshit #Myfamilyisunbreakable #weswaggntoo #middlefingertoALLthatsupportlies #lovetothosewhodont #imdone." Omarion captioned the picture.

As widely rumored and reported, Omarion was alleged to have broken up with the mother of his child, Apryl Jones, because she allegedly refused to agree to a paternity test.

Omarion is currently appearing on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" and has a new album in the works titled "Sex Playlist."