5 Reasons Why August Alsina Is Real

Honesty is a wonderful thing. Sometimes, in the industry, artists feel like they have to fabricate who they are. They may over sexualize themselves or act like super thugs. They focus on what they should say instead of how they feel. Thank goodness we have a new artist like August Alsina, whom keeps it "100%" at all times.

"When you come into the game and you meet people you have a respect for them. When you clique up and it gets deeper then music you become friends. When we become friends I hold you to a certain standard. Then when I see something fake in you … you know." – August Alsina

August is not real because he has tattoes and wears "urban" clothing. He is real because he speaks the truth and doesn't bend it for no one. Some people may judge him, but August is just keeping it real and honest. Here are a couple reasons why August Alsina is real and going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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