Biggie’s Style & Grace: 15 R&B Chicks He Might Have Had Dreams About

Who doesn't dream about "smashing" an R&B chick … "I'm just playing … but I'm saying."

Rappers have always been on the heels of those sexy and sultry R&B artists that seem to mesmerize everyone in their path. Erykah Badu had Common and Andre 3000 drunk in love and Rihanna got two light skinned brothers popping off in the club. There is nothing like a woman that is beautiful and can hold a note.

Rap pioneer, Christopher “Notorious B.I.G” Wallace aka Biggie Smalls was the king of Hip Hop in his day (May he rest in Hip Hop Peace). He made the public service announcement: “To All of the Ladies in the Place with Style and Grace,” in his song, “Big Poppa,” and then he got a little ratchet when he spit a couple verses about ladies he wouldn't mind mixing it up with in "Dreams".

Here are a 15 dreamy R&B artists with style and grace.

Check it out!

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