5 Reasons Why Technology is Redefining Relationships

Romantic relationships are a lot of work and take a lot of concentration as well as sacrifice. There is no secret that our divorce rate has been going up, and a lot of people are opting to just be single. What is at the root of this problem? Maybe, technology has something to do with it. Back in the good old days, things like video games, cell phones, social media, television and blogging did not consume so much of our time. In 2014, reality shows on television, relationship advice on blogs, text messaging and Grand Theft Auto can be reasons for heated arguments that didn't exist in the past. Our grandparents didn't have to worry about their significant other getting an unexpected text on the phone or a “poke” on Facebook. They didn't have to compete with so many things.

This begs us to ask, does our struggle with relationships has to do with all the distractions technology has placed at our fingertips or are we to blame?

We all have been guilty of neglecting certain loved ones we care about because we were "busy" doing something. What is your technology guilty pleasure?

Social Media Said So

Social Media Said So

Yes, we are talking about Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the beat goes on. These platforms were supposedly created for us to be able to communicate faster and more efficiently. Social Media was supposed to bring everyone together. No one can say it hasn't helped people stay "connected" but how does it affect us in our relationships? The birth of social media brought about sites like Blackplanet (They are still trying to get their groove back.), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

When Facebook started it was for the college folks. You could check with other students and figure out what classes they were taking. However, it doesn't take long for a great innovation to be used for some bullsh*t lol. Not only was it a cool way to stay connected for academic purposes, it was also an easy way to send a message to the female that sat behind you with the huge rump shaker. The same one you were nervous to talk to. No need to be nervous now when you can just poke her to death on Facebook.

Social media omitted a lot of the courting and dating chivalry. It sped up the process making it fast and easy to "connect" with someone you admired.

Instagram, which seems like Facebook on crack, has made it even harder for us to concentrate on one thing for more than five minutes, especially when you have so many butt injected super strippers posting image after image.

How can you compete with Deelishus or Lance Gross?

Can social media take away from a relationship?

Cell Phone Symptoms

Cell Phone Symptoms

There was a time when you had to ask for a house number from someone. That meant that you had to call a house. If that person lived in the house with an angry old parent/grandparent, you had to get passed them first.

"Hello, Mrs. Jackson. Is Ronda home?"

Those moments had your heart beating, but you learned how to deal with different personalities, and you learned how to communicate with whoever picked up that phone. Fast forward to now …. Everyone has a cell phone. There are barely house phones, and I haven't seen a pay phone since I watched the last season of ‘The Wire'.

Cell phones are so convenient, but they also can cause problems in relationships. The fact that you can text and have access to email makes it easier to bring distractions into the relationship. Constant emails, text and access to social media like Facebook and Instagram can create unwelcoming temptation in your relationship.

Do you know how many relationships we can save if we banned cell phones for a month?

Life is a Television Show

Life is a Television Show

Television has been around forever. It has helped to shape the minds of billions of people throughout the world. This influence has helped to inform and educate for decades with news programs as well as shows like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. However, we are in the days of ‘reality shows' where people's lives are on display for pure entertainment. The fights and cheating are the highlight of many people's lives. The good, the bad and the ugly have to be shown on television but where is the balance?

What positive men do we have for the men of Love & Hip Hop?

Where is the balance?

Compulsive Video Gaming

Compulsive Video Gaming

Today, video games have come a long way from Super Mario and Duck Hunt. (I was a certified fool at Super Mario.) Video games were great entertainment, but now it has become its own culture. This culture has devoured the lives of some good people. Ladies as well as gentlemen have been victim to the gaming life, and sometimes it affects their relationships. Grand Theft Auto, Black Ops, Call of Duty and NBA 2k are only a couple of games that are pissing a young lady off as we speak. (Let's be real its usually the men.) There is nothing worse then a grown a$$ adult spending countless hours playing a damn video game. Hey, no one is telling you not to have your rest, but come on son!

Listening to Blog Gurus

Listening to Blog Gurus

It's no secret that Blogs has exploded in the last 5 years. There are sites for everything from relationships, sports, beauty, hair to fashion … everyone is an expert. Some of these bloggers have even taken it upon themselves to give relationship advice. (Yet, they are as single as the day is long.) Often we don't know the lives of these bloggers or even more important their credentials. However, we still find ourselves using their top ten list to judge how our significant other is doing in the relationship.

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