5 Reasons Why Technology is Redefining Relationships

Romantic relationships are a lot of work and take a lot of concentration as well as sacrifice. There is no secret that our divorce rate has been going up, and a lot of people are opting to just be single. What is at the root of this problem? Maybe, technology has something to do with it. Back in the good old days, things like video games, cell phones, social media, television and blogging did not consume so much of our time. In 2014, reality shows on television, relationship advice on blogs, text messaging and Grand Theft Auto can be reasons for heated arguments that didn't exist in the past. Our grandparents didn't have to worry about their significant other getting an unexpected text on the phone or a “poke” on Facebook. They didn't have to compete with so many things.

This begs us to ask, does our struggle with relationships has to do with all the distractions technology has placed at our fingertips or are we to blame?

We all have been guilty of neglecting certain loved ones we care about because we were "busy" doing something. What is your technology guilty pleasure?

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