Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke & T-Pain Are All About Open Relationships … Are You?

"If that was my husband … we would have words!!!” (Ratchet voice in reference to the recent pictures of Robin Thicke being touchy-feely with a girl in a club.)

Hate it or love it, artists such as T-Pain and Robin Thicke seem to have "special privileges". It seems times are changing and people are making all kinds of concessions to keep their marriage or relationship "together". It's a new world and couples are thinking of alternative ways to keep the romance fresh and keep their significant other satisfied.

Open relationship is an interesting topic because it test the boundaries of what a relationship is or should be. We all have our own perspective. You may even have a different perspective from your significant other due to personality, temperament, religion, culture or what have you.

It is all fun and games until someone get's jealous. Either sex could start out comfortable with having other partners, but situations can change feelings or on the flip side, this openness might foster honesty and nourish your relationship…if you can handle that.

Check out a list of celebrity couples whom either had open relationships in the past or present or rumored to have had it.

What do you ladies and gentlemen think about open relationships?

Can you handle watching your significant other hooking up with someone else? (Some of you guys might start transforming into RoboCop just at the thought of someone else smelling your significant other.)

Are these celebrities able to do this because of their power, beauty, fame, and influence?

We want to know what you think… weigh in!!!

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