Open Forum : Is It OK To Continue A Relationship With Your Ex’s Family?

Mama Dee and Shay, from Love & Hip Hop ATL, were the best of homies despite the fact that Scrappy wanted to be with his baby mother, Erica Dixon. There are so many examples of ex-girlfriends/boyfriends not getting the point and hanging on to specific family members.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you get introduced to their family, but is it alright to continue that relationship well after a break up? NO. The moment you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend you break up with their family. Yes, you had fun on Thanksgiving and they made you feel like you have a permanent spot at the dinner table, but that’s all out of the love for their child. I am not saying if you see them at the supermarket not to say hi, what I am saying is don’t ask a member of his/her family if they want to go to a party or see a movie. How awkward … you open the door of your family house and the first thing you see is your ex sitting in the living room waiting on your sister?

Am I right? If not someone please tell me.

Do yourself a favor and leave the family alone, because now you look crazy, and you don’t want to be the ex that did not know how to say goodbye. Then again that is just my opinion on the topic.

What do you think, is it okay to continue a relationship with your ex’s family?

How would you feel if you went out with your family and a member invited your ex?

Would you tell them to leave?


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