Janelle Monae’s World: IF METROPOLIS WAS REAL…

If you have been keeping up with Janelle Monae, you probably know all about her fictional sci-fi world of Metropolis.

If you don't know, let's give you a brief recap.

Metropolis is this famous made up world created by Monae that is taken over by androids and humans. In this world, Janelle Monae has an alter ego (Sort of like Nicki Minaj with her alter egos, you know?) and she's Cindi Mayweather. Mayweather falls in love with a human (surprise, surprise). Monae could talk for hours on end about sci-fi, fiction, time travel, etc. as well as sing her powerful hit songs.

For example:

"Population 10 zillion and six/ Where signs say, 'Welcome to the Star Core Metropolis' Me, I live on the wired side of town/ Reaching and searching for a space called paradise found."

OKAY. Now that you have a brief understanding on Janelle Monae’s Metropolis. We wanted to know who would help Monae or better yet, Cindi Mayweather rule Metropolis. We thought of the crazy idea to appoint some compelling individuals to help Cindi Mayweather.

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