10 Artists We Should Bring Back To Life (Biopics and Holograms)

We want them back!!! When our favorite artist(s) passes away, we miss them and often yearn to see or feel their energy one more time. We listen to their music and wear their merchandise because it may remind us of a specific time or the feeling they gave us when we first discovered them. Musicians have a special power that we can feel better then we can explain. (Ask the fans that would faint as soon as Michael Jackson started to do the moonwalk.)

It probably would have been amazing to see the charismatic street poet Tupac bring up the Coogi downed to his socks Brooklyn spitter Biggie Smalls on stage. Jimi Hendricks picking his guitar with his teeth as herds of hippies got high to the vibrations would have been a groovy experience. Or maybe it would have been amazing to drive my ol lady in that 1979 Cadillac to a Marvin Gaye concert to get her in the mood for some late night sexual healing. (That might not be so smart, especially if Marvin brought her on stage.) TLC reigned supreme in the 90’s and it would have been phenomenal to be at a show as they performed “Creep” for adoring fans. You probably would have taken Kurt Cobain as he was on stage. Regardless of who it was, they have given us a feeling that can’t be duplicated.

However, we may not be able to physically bring them back for our own selfish reasons, but it seems technology has created ways for those artists to live on forever. We went from A-tracks, records, cassette tapes, CDs and now MP3s. We can listen to their music and experience live concerts on YouTube and Vevo. We can experience their lives in biopics, such as VH1’s TLC special Recently.

Big concerts and festivals have been utilizing technology to have hologram artists perform. Tupac at Coachella had the crowd going nuts and the TLC biopic even gave Chili and T-Boz chills from watching Lil Mama in character as Left Eye.

"She totally came into character," Chilli said of Lil Mama, who wore contacts to mimic Left Eye's distinctively large, dark pupils. "It was kind of scary. The resemblance was just crazy at times. Naturally, she kind of had some of the similar characteristics like Lisa. It was kind of eerie at times for us."

No matter if it is a biopic on your favorite television station or a hologram on the hottest concert; we love to be connected to the great musicians of our time. Here is a list of artists we wouldn’t mind seeing one more time.

Did we miss any artists you feel should be brought back?

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