Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Arguing, Facing Break Up?

Are Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, Casper Smart, on the outs? Is a break up inevitable?

According to sources claiming to be close to the couple, "they are bickering" and the relationship that was once hot and fiery is now cold.

"Things are not going well at the moment. They are bickering and it's clear to the people around them that there is an irritation between them at the moment. It's hot and cold, but more cold than hot right now," the insider shared with E! News Tuesday.

As widely reported, Lopez has been very busy in the last few months not only executive producing the ABC Family series "The Fosters," but returning to and filming for the next season of "American Idol." It's unclear if those projects have led to dissension between her and Smart, but the insider says things just aren't how they used to be between them.

"(She) was really drawn to Casper because he was so attentive to her when she split from Marc. She was lacking confidence at the time and he was the best medicine for her. He gave her back her confidence and made her feel special," the insider went on to tell E! News. "Jennifer finds it difficult to be alone. She loves being in a relationship. She's the ultimate romantic. She wants to be in love. But she is also one of those women who is strong enough to walk away when it isn't right."