30 Songs For The Cuffing Season

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, and you find yourself thinking about the fact that you are single more and more as the days go by. Cuffing Season has officially started! It’s time to trade those red plastic cups and summer block parties for a coffee mug, a blanket and a partner to snuggle with. Let’s not forget some great tunes to help set the mood for when you find that special someone to share the season with.

Here’s a playlist comprised of thirty songs to heat up those cold winter nights that are ahead of us.

Who's trying to cuff someone ???

Simply Amazing, Trey Songz

Simply Amazing, Trey Songz

She is not perfect but there is a reason you spend a lot of time thinking about her. The combination of a playful beat and thoughtful lyrics makes this track a great choice for the season.

Let's Get Married, Jagged Edge

Let’s Get Married, Jagged Edge

This old school hit is for that special lady you want to cuff for life. Have it ready on your iPod for when she screams yes and proceed to scoop her up into your arms after hitting the play button.

Break Up to Make Up, Jeremiah

Break Up to Make Up, Jeremiah

This track is for that girl that you can’t live with and can’t live with out. She drives you crazy but you miss her when she’s gone. Turn that on-again, off-again relationship back on in the spirit of the season; who knows it just might work out this time around.

End of Time, Beyoncé

End of Time, Beyoncé

I believe I speak for everyone when I say, Beyoncé fits into every season. Guys want some security too. Let him know you’ll be here as long as he never lets you go!

I Wanna Know, Joe

I Wanna Know, Joe

Turn this track on when you and your cuff are in your ‘getting to know each other’ phase. If you know what she likes and dislikes, it won’t be hard to keep her happy. And remember ladies; it works both ways!

My Love, Justin Timberlake

My Love, Justin Timberlake

Everything about JT is sexy, cool and classy; some of us can learn a few things from him this cuffing season. This song, especially when paired with the video proves it! Have a listen and embrace your inner Justin; the girls will start lining up.

V.S.O.P, K. Michelle

V.S.O.P, K. Michelle

Blast this while getting ready for a date with your new boo and it will inspire a very special night out. In the words of K. Michelle…’Light some candles and do what ever he likes’ and you will reap the benefits.

All My Life, KC & Jojo

All My Life, KC & Jojo

Don’t think corny, think classic. Belt it out to her during a romantic evening out or at a crowded karaoke bar in front of a bunch of strangers. Either way she will think it’s sweet and you will get a giggle out of her.

Power Trip, J. Cole

Power Trip, J. Cole

“Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?” She will, after you play this song for her on a chill Saturday afternoon. The combination of Miguel’s hook, Cole’s way with words and your charm, she will be forced into an emotional trance.

Treasure, Bruno Mars

Treasure, Bruno Mars

Don’t wait for February to treat her like the treasure she is. Let her know how valuable she is and allow Bruno Mars to help you express yourself. Remember it’s cuffing season; if you don’t, someone else will.

Adorn, Miguel

Adorn, Miguel

Allow Miguel to help you profess your adoration for her with this track. If she had any doubts before, they will be gone by the end of the song.

Gone, Kelly Rowland & Nelly

Gone, Kelly Rowland & Nelly

Kelly and Nelly reunited to produce Dilemma 2.0. The energy and confidence of their previous relationship is portrayed perfectly in the track. This song will empower your future or current relationship and remind you not to allow anything to come in between you and your significant other.

Stay, Neyo

Stay, Neyo

This track comes in handy when you want her to stay under the covers with you instead of going out with the girls. Blast it, with a playful plead and the right moves; trust me she won’t hesitate to jump back into bed.

Yo, Chris Brown

Yo, Chris Brown

At the tender age of sixteen-year-old Breezy really knew how to charm the ladies. This number is for that girl that makes your head turn.

Right By Your Side, Nicki Minaj

Right By Your Side, Nicki Minaj

From time to time, we get a more serious track from Nicki and hear her vulnerable side. Take advantage of this one and let him know where you want him to be this winter.

Best I Ever Had -  Drake

Best I Ever Had – Drake

Every girl wants to know she is better than the others who came before her. Play this track for her and allow Drake to help you refresh her memory.

Hold My Hand - Sean Paul

Hold My Hand – Sean Paul

Sway to this reggae beat while Sean Paul gives you all the right things to say to that special someone you are pursuing. Dedicate this song to her and the pursuit will be over and she will be yours.

There goes my Baby - Usher

There goes my Baby – Usher

Usher’s soulful voice and smooth lyrics let’s us know that he has no problem cuffing, which is why listening to this song is not a bad idea at all.

Roll Up - Wiz Khalifa

Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Reliability is key. She needs to know she can depend on you to be there when she needs to laugh or cry. This track will reassure her that you’ll roll up when she needs you the most.

On the Run part II - Jay Z feat. Beyoncé

On the Run part II РJay Z feat. Beyonc̩

Remember Bonnie and Clyde? Well Jay and Bey have reunited in the studio yet again to create another themed song for you. Need I say more?

 Jamie Foxx  - Fall for Your Type

Jamie Foxx – Fall for Your Type

Your cuff may not be “the one.” Put this song on repeat and allow Jamie to help determine if he/she will last throughout the season.

Love Song - Rihanna feat. Future

Love Song – Rihanna feat. Future

The only way you’re going to get what you want is to ask for it. Take a page from Riri’s book and let him know you need his love and affection. You will be surprised what you get in return.

In those Jeans -Â Ginuwine

In those Jeans -Â Ginuwine

This one is for that girl who has been teasing you all summer and is finally giving you the green light. Turn this on after your dinner date and that nightcap she agreed to will turn into a sleepover.

Body Party - Ciara

Body Party – Ciara

Ciara has provided you with the perfect song for when you are ready to turn up the heat during those cold winter nights. Allow it to play in the background and show off your moves; he will show his gratitude.

When I See You - Fantasia

When I See You – Fantasia

Ladies, the gents want to know about those butterflies they cause to flutter in your stomach. They appear to be cool, calm and collected when they are trying to cuff, but they do get excited when their methods are working. Put their minds at ease and let them know!

So Into You - Fabulous feat. Tamia

So Into You – Fabulous feat. Tamia

This is an oldie but a goodie! You know that girl that you’ve had your eye one since the summer? What are you waiting for? Let her know that you are so into her!

Own it - Drake

Own it – Drake

I couldn’t resist picking Drizzy, none other than the current king of emotions himself. His junior album was released just in time for the season. Coincidence? I think not. Let her know who owns your heart.

Beautiful - Mariah Carey

Beautiful – Mariah Carey

Don’t abandon this summer hit just yet. This fun, sexy track will put you both in a playful mood and…well you know what comes next.

Back At One - Brian McKnight

Back At One – Brian McKnight

This song will turn any girl’s frown upside down. Let her know why you want her to be yours; recite McKnight’s famous list to her and she will forget about all of her past heartbreaks.

Down on Bended Knee - Boyz II Men

Down on Bended Knee – Boyz II Men

I don’t know about you, but anything Boyz II Men makes me warm inside, no matter how cold it is outside. Serenade her with this number and watch her melt right into your arms.

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