‘Love & Hip-Hop NY’ Cast on Strike, Demanding More Money?

Will there be a season 4 of “Love & Hip-Hop NY”? Not if VH1 doesn’t start compensating the cast with beefier paychecks.

According the TMZ, half of the cast of the popular drama-filled show refused to show up in NYC on Tuesday (May 21) to shoot a trailer for a new season as a protest to renegotiate their contracts for more dough. Allegedly, the cast members who DID show up angrily left the set after finding out the reason for the absences of their fellow cast members, also feeling they should have increases in compensation.

A source tells TMZ most of the L&HH NY cast are asking for double of what last season paid, as well as the opportunity to have more control of how the show is edited, due to dissatisfaction about how they feel they were portrayed. The cast hopes to reach an agreement with VH1 by the end of this week.