Kelly Price On Angry Mariah Carey Fans: ‘Calling Me Fat Doesn’t Sting’

Calling R&B songstress Kelly Price "fat" is not going to hurt her feelings. At least that is what she said after a heated group of Mariah Carey fans attacked her Sunday.

It all started with the following comment on Twitter: "I'm yrs late on this one but I'm looking at a concert on tv right now of a certain "singer" and asking myself what happened to ur voice? Sometimes the gimmick goes too far. One day u go to sing and realize it ain't happening. This is making my throat hurt."

Now she didn't say Mariah Carey's name, but some fans say Mariah had a concert that was airing on TV Sunday night and it just had to be her that Kelly was referring to.

"After all these years of Mariah providing Kelly Price with a buffet, this is what she gets? The cow must have gotten hungry," one upset fan tweeted, attacking Kelly Price.

That said, Kelly Price responded….

"Oohhhh my what in the world????? LMBO!!!!! Who are these ppl and what are they talkin about????? #twitterthugslive"

"I gotta start havin some1 monitor this page. A lot of ppl with nothing else to do all day but twitterthug. Laptps make them brave."

"I think people have to remember that when you call the fat singer fat its kinda obvious and doesn't sting much. Oh well!"

"That said all of the Mariah Carey fans attacking me. I made a general comment so Im not sure why it affected them so personally. Anyhoot."

"This is scary. People are Gods these days. When people think that threatening a person on line is acceptable for WHATEVER reason they seriously have it twisted. #BREAKINGTHELAW"

"If you are a real fan and got blocked in this madness. My apologies. ;( Ill go back thru them later and unblock. Ok I understand. I just went back into my timeline and saw someone DOCTORED my tweet and stuck @MariahCarey name in it. I dont mind ppl drawing conclusions and having opinions bcuz Im entitled to mine and will have mine but at least make sure I said it. #DUMB"

In other news, Kelly Price is taping for the upcoming TV One series "R&B Divas LA." The spin-off of "R&B Divas (Atlanta)" is due to premiere later this year on TV One.