Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge Announce The Twelve Reasons to Die Tour

Rap legend Ghostface Killah and musician/producer Adrian Younge have officially announced the Twelve Reasons to Die Tour to promote their new album of the same name. The anticipated album is soon to be released via Soul Temple Records on April 16. The Wu-Tang rapper will perform accompanied by Adrian Younge's band Venice Dawn.

It will be a 49-city national tour, that will kick off on March 14th beginning at Austin Texas's SXSW festival and continue until early June. The tour is in support of their new concept album created by Younge. It will follow one of Ghostface Killah's alter ego's, Tony Starks, a soldier for the 12 Delucas, a 1960s-era Italian crime family. The album will capture all the drama that unfolds once Starks decides to leave the family. It's a gritty story of violence, horror, and suspense that will be told through Ghostface's vivid storytelling.

"I wanted this album to be the album that went back and started things all over," said Younge in a statement. "I wanted to be the first person to really bring this to hip-hop. I want to bring that organic element back to hip-hop. I'm fortunate enough that I was chosen to be that person to do it."

The album is also executive produced by RZA, who chose Younge to conceptualize and create the album. With such an enormous story, the album is not only going to be backed by a national tour but will also include a 6-issue comic book series and collected graphic novel, featuring a number of talented comic book artists.

The soul composer is set out to change the way the genre is viewed. "I want this album to change what people think about hip-hop," said Younge.

A full listing of the tour dates for the Twelve Reasons to Die Tour can be found at


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