5 Reasons We Need Solange In The Game

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Solange has managed to escape the shadows of being Beyonce’s sister, to just being, Solange; an eclectic song bird that that makes her own rules. Solange is a perfect example of what it means to embrace individuality and not being pressured to be what the world expects you to be. Solo is the real deal! She speaks volumes to todays girls about staying true to self. How? Let us give you the reasons why Solange’s voice is being heard.

Au' Natural

Au’ Natural

In an industry where females are about sew ins, tracks, glue, virgin Remy, Brazilian waves (and whatever else), you have this beautiful kinky haired girl, sporting a gorgeous fro. Solange is not afraid to be #teamnatural, and she works it too. She even managed to be a spokesperson for Carol’s Daughter. Curly, short, long, she might even add a couple of extensions here and there; no matter how she rocks it, she owns it.

Mommy Dearest

Mommy Dearest

To my single mothers out there, Solange is proof that being a mommy and being fabulous is not two different extremes. In the many pictures you have seen of Solange, her son Julez is not far behind her. It is not hard to see that Solange embraces her motherhood and loves her son. She doesn’t hold the burden of being a young mother or being even divorce; which is a lesson to all women out there.

My Sister's Keeper (with Limits)

My Sister’s Keeper (with Limits)

Talent does run in the family. But the minute that you start to compare Solo to her sister, B, is when the line gets crossed. Solange always reiterated that her and Beyonce are two different people, with two different paths, likes, and sounds. Just because they are sisters doesn’t mean that they have identical shows. We know for a fact that Solo enjoys doing her thing; emphasis on the word “her”.



Solange kills on the 1’s and 2’s. Not only is she a a recording artist, homegirl DJs on the side. Trust, this isn’t a little hobby she practices every now and then, Solange is a full blown official DJ. This is the perfect example not remaining inside of a box. Just because Solange is a singer and is signed to a record label, does not mean that she ONLY has to be a singer. Solange obviously has other dreams and aspirations that she wants to obtain and she is not stopping them for anyone. A round of applause for Solo.



You cannot say the name “Solange”, without fashion being the first thing that comes to mind. Solo is daring, classy, and elegant; never overly sexy. She’s not afraid of color, patterns, or accessories. It’s hard to specially describe her style because she infuses them all. Her personality always shines through, and with her confidence, Solange always owns her look.

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