HAPPY BIRTHDAY: 5 Reasons Why You Should Tell Tank Happy Birthday …NOW!

Besides Tank (@TheRealTank) being the $hit, today would be a great day to Instagram, Facebook or tweet the handsome guy because it happens to be his birthday.(Show some love!) We all talk about how great people are when they pass, but we rarely celebrate how much we appreciate them when they are around. Tank has been a consistent contributor to the R&B movement as a singer and as a songwriter. His pen and voice have helped us love, cry and hold the people we hold dear. This artist who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Clinton, Maryland has shown us what happens when you work hard and stay true to yourself. Tank has always given his story from his perspective and has provided us with a strong, but balanced male perspective.

You may not get a chance to give Tank a present or a cake. However, birthday wishes are always a great thing to do.

Show him you appreciate him and his work by telling him Happy Birthday! Also anyone that can bake … he likes lemon cake with lemon icing. lol (Tell (@TheRealTank @singersroom sent you.)

Click below to check out 5 reasons.

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