Marsha Ambrosius – Hors D’Oeuvres (Prelude: Friends & Lovers)

When you think hors d’oeuvres, a select few things may come to mind. But Marsha Ambrosius has decided to throw those pre-dialed mindsets aside and serve you hors d’oeuvres in song.

Her new mixtape, Hors D’oevures…Prelude: Friends & Lovers, is giving everyone a little taste before the release of her sophomore album Friends & Lovers.

The 5 tracks on the EP make up 17 minutes of some kick butt “saaang girl” action.

“Expect This Sh*t” is bossy. It has a nice rich sound and the British songbird both sings and plays the piano on it. Ambrosius tells the story of a relationship where she constantly gave and gave herself, slowly losing track of how much she let slide when she shouldn’t have, compromising when she didn’t need to.

“Slow Motion” is sexy and the harmonies on the track are just as hot as the lyrics. On the track, Ambrosius tells men just how she likes it and she’s brutally honest. Admitting that while the man involved does have the ability to make her body “tremble” she still “can barely remember your name.”

“Summer” is sad, referencing a relationship that only lasted a season. “You were my summer but here comes the rain, I wanted to love you but never again.” Tyee of MPrynt makes an appearance on the track and his voice acts as a great addition to the song. Plus, who doesn’t love a song that has the male and female sides of the story? Definitely adds a nice theatrical element.

“FCKINGITTOVAWID” is direct. We hear about a romance that’s over but Ambrosius wants one more round before she gets it over with it “just for now.” The background vocals add sassiness to the song makes it a hit.

If these songs are just the hors d’oeuvres, we already know we’re going to want seconds when Friends & Lovers comes out.


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