Ravaughn Talks Fashion Style, Best Date, Carmex and Her Favorites

Los Angeles, California born and bred R&B newcomer Ravaughn Brown has been on the grind since her mid-teens before signing a record deal with Ne-Yo’s Compound Entertainment. She first established herself as a “demo” artist and backup singer, working with the likes of industry heavyweights Rico Love and Kara DioGuardi and lent background vocals for her idol Brandy (going on tour with her as well), Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, Celine Dion, and Keyshia Cole, to name a few. Now with a focus on her solo career and the strong new single “Better be Good” featuring Wale, Ravaughn can finally focus on other things, like fashion, dating and more. Get to know the real Ravaughn Brown!

Listen to Ravaughn Brown’s “Better Be Good”

Downtime…I love, love, love to sleep. I have like an addiction to sleep, but outside of that I get my nails done, sometimes I overdo it, but I like to change them up with different designs on every nail. I love going to the movies, just hanging out and I’m like a very big family person and my sister is 20 and we hang out all the time, we live together, so we’re super, super close. I’m a really chill person, I’m not high maintenance at all, like I can sit at home and watch TV and movies all day that would be like an amazing day for me.

Best Date…This is going to sound crazy, but I think the best date was actually, I don’t know if it can be classified as a date, it wasn’t even set up as a date it was kind of like an accident. It was in high school and I used to be on track, so when I was in school most of the people were out of school and when everybody was in school I was out of school so my best friend called me and was like ‘we’re going to do a play for some kids that are going to come to our campus,’ a children’s theatre is what it was. So I go and some friends were there and one of her friends were there and he was just finished with class or something and I was getting ready to leave and one of our friends was like ‘lets go eat’ so we went to Taco Bell and we both paid for our own meals and we went and sat in the car under a tree and just talked and listened to Musiq Soulchild. It was just so dope because it was just so cool and really laid back, great conversation and everything.

Beauty Product she can’t live without…Carmex. I feel like I always lose my Carmex and as soon as I lose it, I always feel like I’m going to die, Like ‘[Gasp] I need Carmex.’ As soon as I know I don’t have it, my lips can be perfectly fine, but when I realize I don’t have it, the world has to stop so I can get my Carmex right now.

Her sense of style…Very laid back, but cute. I’m really big on being comfortable and I will definitely put on heels. There’s some shoes that aren’t comfortable, but I still wear them because I love shoes like I have a serious problem for shoes. I’m not so much into name brands, I wear name brands if I like it, but I just feel like as long as I feel like I look good and the clothing is flattering on me I’ll wear it. It’s still young, kind of funky, cool; I love leather jackets, and because I live in L.A. I can wear a leather jacket anytime even in the summer because at nighttime it gets cold. Right now my big thing is the sneaker wedges, I have a pair of the Isabel Marants and I have a few pairs of the Sky High Dunks, their gorgeous. I love them, I have like four or five pairs and I wear them all the time. That’s my big thing right now because they’re still a sneaker, but it has a wedge so I’m like in a heel and when I wear a heel it makes me feel like I’m walking differently, you feel like ‘hmm, I look good.’

Favorite shoe designer...Two of my favorites are Giuseppe and Louboutin, but sneakers I definitely love Nikes and Jordans. I love, love, love Jordans.

Favorite shopping spots…Lately, I love boutiques. You can find little things that not everybody will have on. There’s only like a few made and because I live in L.A. I can go to Melrose and Beverly Hills and they have the best boutiques. Outside of that, I shop at like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales because they have a large array of things. I love to shop, but I like to go in and get what I want and go out. I’m not an all day shopper, where I’m in the store all day. I’ll go with my friends and I’m like ‘okay, I’m going to meet you back because I’m not going to be in here all day.’ I like to get in and get out.

Best concert…My parents actually took me to a Janet Jackson concert, I think when she did Velvet Rope, I don’t remember, which concert it was or which album it was for, but I thought it was so cool because they had a limo pick us up with some of my friends and some of their friends and we went and that was actually my first concert and that was probably the most memorable because it was the first one. To see her on stage, I was like ‘this is incredible.’ She puts on a full show, she was pulling people from the audience and people were on stage freaking out and crying and I was like ‘woah, this is crazy.’ But that’s my most memorable concert.