Wiz Khalifa Talks Music, Influences, More with Nardwuar

Nardwuar seems kind of corky, but his ability to connect with his interviewee is astonishing. He even brings gifts for the artists getting interviewed that reminds him or her of different important people, place and things in their life/career. It’s crazy looking at the reaction of the artists.

Wiz Khalifa got a chance to experience Nardward at his best. The west coast MC talks about going to the library to write down rap lyrics, the “Burgh sound”, being influenced by Devin The Dude, trying to get his buzz up like Pittsburgh native, J . Sands and talks about his father liking Whodini.

His Gift: A Cheech & Chong album with rolling paper and Cypress Hill poster from 1996.

“Doot Doola Doot Doo … Doot Doo”