Is Joe Jackson Seeing a Significantly Younger Woman?

Eighty-four-year-old Joe Jackson may seriously be robbing the cradle. Not only is the Jackson family patriarch still married to Katherine, but it seems he’s getting serious with Lavinia Iskandar, a wealthy woman from Indonesia, reports the UK’s Daily Star. At the tender age of 33, their age difference is a staggering 51 years.

Iskandar has been spotted out with Jackson during the last couple of years, and she’s been staying in his Las Vegas condo, a source tells the Daily Star. “He hasn’t seen his wife Katherine in weeks, and simply wasn’t around during the recent drama about Michael’s estate when she was spirited away to a spa in Arizona, leaving his children home alone,” the anonymous source said.

But a spokesperson for Joe refutes the relationship as being anything more than business in nature, saying Lavinia is an associate Jackson is working with for a new product to market in Asia.

However, if true, are we really surprised? This doesn’t seem like outrageous behavior from Joe Jackson; matter of fact, it’s almost to be expected, seeing that he admittedly fathered two children with two different women 1972 and 1974 while still married!