Toni Braxton Changes Tune, Back In ‘Love’ With Reality TV

Toni Braxton has weighed the negatives and positives of appearing on a reality television series.
Following rumors that she would no longer appear on “Braxton Family Values,” Braxton says “I love it. I can’t deny it.”
“I didn’t know if doing the reality show would work for me but I’m here,” the “I Heart You” singer admits citing an album and other ventures. “I love it. I can’t deny it.”
Despite her enthusiam for the show and perhaps the benefits that come with it, Braxton claims there are moments when things are said that shouldn’t be made public.
“Sometimes personalities, when they come together, they butt heads. Family is more challenging because you love each other, but you find these unresolved issues. They come out and sometimes you talk about too much on the air and then it’s done, it’s said,” Braxton shared on “The Talk” Monday. “So a little bit of an attitude sometimes… usually it would take us a day or two to get over, now it takes weeks.”
That said, there is still something positive about those moments.
“The positive side is we have season two. We’ve talked about the issues,” says Braxton. “They’re out there so we can deal with them better.”

“Braxton Family Values” returns Thursday, August 16 on WEtv.