5 Ways to Turn That Zero Into a Hero (Chris Brown, Mario or Trey Songz)

Ladies are always saying “There are no good men around!”. I think it’s totally bogus because the “good guys” are put into the friend zone, while the bad boys are allowed to stampede on women’s hearts and then leave the good guys to clean up the mess. But today we have the solution. How about if we took a good guy and turned him into, not a bad boy, but that perfect mix. We are going to give you the formula to turn your regular guy into your own personal Chris Brown, Mario or Trey Songz. Well, not really, but really close. Here are a couple of types that can help you turn that zero into your personal hero.

1. Attire – The right clothing (shirts, pants, accessories and footwear) is essential for identifying who you are as a person and how you express yourself non-verbally to others. Finding out what colors and styles work for your skin tone and body structure is key. Every woman is a sucker for a well dressed man. You can take a guy who may be a 5-6 on the sexy scale and bring him to an 8 with the right gear.

2. Grooming – Grooming is probably the most important when it comes to first impressions. Your teeth have to be clean and straight as can be. You can get his teeth whitened also if he is suffering from “yellow fever.” Your hair has to be well groomed and you have to find “your cut”. Every cut is not for everyone. You have to find a cut that flatters your facial structure. You also have to make sure you take care of your skin. Using exfoliating crèmes and facial cleansers are idle for perfect even skin. Lotions and sunscreen are also clutch to keep your skin looking young and fresh. These are all things you can do to enhance a guy that may not pay attention to these details. Make sure you train him so this becomes part of his grooming day.

3. Physique – You may not be able to train him yourself, but a gym membership works wonders. A personal trainer may be great for a man that lacks discipline and focus. The trainer will help with diet and teach him how to work out. (Get him that How Does it Feel D’Angelo body.)

4. Swagger – Swagger is not something that grows on trees, but it is something that can be developed. It can be developed through confidence and confidence can be built upon by making much needed improvements in regards to clothing, grooming and physique. The more your man receives compliments the more he will be confident and that will show through his swagger.

5. Talent – Encourage your man to develop a talent he may have such as singing, acting, painting, photography etc. A man with a talent is always sexy. Find what he is passionate about and help him enjoy it.

WARNING!!! The Perfect Man you create might leave you for what he sees as the perfect girl he could not get while he was just plain old good guy. (It’s tricky business but if you train him right, he should “stay in pocket”.)