R&B Divas Talk ‘Real Conflict & Resolution’ In BTS Video

The R&B Divas will have a little conflict, but there will be “real” resolution.
Taking us behind the scenes at their photoshoot for the anticipated TV One series, Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson and more divulge just what we should expect come August.
“What you can expect is real sisterhood, real issues, real conflict with real resolution,” says Syleena Johnson.
Calling the show relatable as well, Johnson says “it’s an awesome show.”
“It’s just going to be amazing. You should expect to cry, to smile, to laugh… all the amazing emotions you feel everyday in your own life. You’re going to be able to relate and identify. It’s an awesome show,” says Syleena Johnson.
Watch the “R&B Divas” make their mark in behind the scenes video below. “R&B Divas” premieres Monday, August 20 at 10 p.m. ET on TV One.