When You Should Let a Song Speak For You!

I guess the saying is true, it is not what you say, it is how you say it. In this case, it is how you sing it. If you want to get your point across in those sticky situations without getting your hands dirty, turning on a song might do the trick. R&B artists such as R. Kelly, Amy Winehouse and Marsha Ambrosius have always been able to talk about real situations that many may find hard to articulate in a way that sounds sexy or passionate.

Check out several songs that would have been a little harder to swallow without the melodic lyrics from musicians.

R. Kelly – “Pregnant”

With the song “Pregnant,” R. Kelly helps us understand and relate to the wild urges of wanting to get someone pregnant. It may seem crazy, but sometimes when the music is bumping, liquor and conversation is flowing, you might for a moment want to go half on a baby. (Ask your parents, maybe you were conceived like this. LOL)

The average guy might not have the “game” or the nerve to convince a girl to make a baby, but in this song, R. Kelly makes you feel like it might not be such a terrible idea. I would not suggest telling a woman you want to get her pregnant on the initial meeting, but the writer of “Feeling On Your Booty” says the ish that you would not say for you. Thanks Mr. Kelly… you are the best.

WARNING: If you listen to R. Kelly with the opposite sex, there is a probable chance you will get someone pregnant!

Marsha Ambrosius – “I Hope She Cheats on You”

The players which have played the game, and toyed with emotions have probably heard this numerous times – “I HOPE SHE CHEATS ON YOU!” It is a harsh thing to say, but it expresses the pain and anger of one that has been treated unfairly. Not only does she wish the worst for her ex but goes a step further to hope the new girlfriend cheats with a rich big diesel basketball player (Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose). What a blow to his ego? I guess what comes around goes around.

Warning: Beware of an angry and scorned woman hurt by the one she loved and trusted!

Amy Winehouse – “Rehab”

“No! I won’t Go,” says Ms. Winehouse. This jazzy groove of a song reveals some of the darker realities of addiction from the late Ms. Winehouse. The joyless content of the song integrates rich instrumentation and her soul dipped voice that melt together to create a jam. However, the record represents our individual struggle we fight each day.

Warning: Just because a person says she does not want something does not mean they do not need something. R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

Pleasure P – “Boyfriend Number Two”

Never trust a brother that does not mind being number two. Pleasure P lays the game down flat when he sings about not caring if he has to share. It seems crazy to some, but there are a lot of men and women that do not mind playing the bench. They just care about getting a little playing time. This record is a perfect example of how singing something sounds better than saying it. Just let the music play.

Warning: Beware of those men/women that do not mind being #2. Also, beware of those individuals that do not mind making you number #2!

Usher – “Confessions 2”

When this song came out, I am going to be honest and admit that I thought it was a real confession but then I realized it was just music. However, it is unfortunate that people have to go through this real life situation. Thank God Usher was able to sing this one out and give his perspective. If you need to confess maybe, this can help you do so.

Is there a correct day to tell the one you love that you have been cheating? Monday or Friday… no, there probably is never a day that is perfect for telling the one you love that you have been disloyal and unfaithful. A (wo)man has got to do what a (wo)man has got to do.

Warning: Beware of those behaviors that may lead to a confession. Keep the lines of communication open. —— By: DOC


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