Roots: Amber Rose of Cape Verde

Sir Wiz Khalifa and Your Highness Kanye West seem to be battling for the love of the fair and beautiful lady named Amber Rose. She has stunning facial features, a gorgeous body and a unique hairstyle that separates her from the rest. Rose’s model career has lead to signing with Ford Models, posing for Louis Vuitton, and most recently gracing the cover of KING magazine. It is not just her hair & beauty accomplishments or even her relationships that make Amber Rose the women that she is; it’s her roots which seem to have cultivated her beauty and style.

Her ancestral roots can be traced to a series of ten islands off the coast of West Africa (Senegalese Coast) called Cape Verde. The country is a cultural blend of Portuguese and West African heritage, that has been known for producing some of the most beautiful women. Amber Rose has been lucky enough to showcase it.

It is not milk that did her body good but a Cape Verde national dish, called “catchupa” that has made Rose the apple of every man’s eye. “Catchupa” is a stew of hominy and beans with fish or meat. It means home to Cape Verdeans everywhere. Catchupa is a slow boiled stew of hominy corn, beans, vegetables, spices and marinated pork or tuna. It is often described as the staple food of the Cape Verde Islands. The tasty food, rich culture and beautiful women are definitely reasons to check out Cape Verde or at least find a local Cape Verdean club in your area.

National Music: Morna
Dance: The soft dance Morna, Passada (Zouk), the Funaná (a sensual mixed Portuguese and African dance), and the Batuque dance.
Signature Cape Verde Dishes: Catchupa
Cultural Blend: West African & Portuguese —— By: DOC


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