I Am Grown

On an 80 degree day, two friends, young men in their mid twenties, sat outside on a park bench. A young lady walks down the street in their direction. She’s sexy, cute face, hair is dark and long. Her body is toned, and partly hidden underneath a mid-drift that hugs her chest, and a denim skirt that barely covers her ass. With a strong confident stride the young lady walks past the two young men. As their eyes are glued on her, she seductively licks her lips and blows a kiss in their direction.

“Damn, she’s sexy,” one guy says.

“She’s also sixteen and goes to my little brother’s high school,” the friend replies.

Sadly, this is becoming a growing trend in many communities. The once defined lines between adult and child are slowly being blurred. Like the commercials, the days of wanting to be a Toys R Us kid are long gone. There’s much more excitement in trying to be a Victoria Secret Angel, or a Playboy Playmate.

Like many things, it starts with curiosity. Something about being an innocent young girl isn’t cool anymore. Instead of watching it on TV or reading it in magazines, young girls want to live it.

And if you’re reading this, thinking it’s just about little girls having sex too early, YOU’RE WRONG. Even a weed has to grow from a seed. A young promiscuous girl’s behavior was probably cultivated from some other action planted in her life. Plenty of young ladies have managed to grab a fake id (plant seed), so they can gain access to somewhere they shouldn’t be (water daily), or purchase something they shouldn’t have (expose to sunlight). It gets played off as just harmless things kids do, but these things, which usually cause no immediate harm, exposes her to a life that she shouldn’t be living at that time.

But there are always two sides to the coin.

Remember Akon dancing with that girl on stage? Now, Akon didn’t know she was under aged, but there are men who have been put in those similar situations, knowing the girl is under aged and still don’t care. They’re not the elder trying to raise a child in a village. Those men see this lost child and further bring them down the wrong path.

If someone told you that the under aged girl from the Akon video was very sexually active, would you be surprised?-probably not, and that’s because of what she allowed herself to be exposed to at such a young age.

By the way, does anyone know where the parents are? Maybe their around, but they’re simply just not doing their job. Maybe the missing old fashion value of knowing where your kid is going, what they’re wearing, who they’re with, and when they’re coming home needs to make a comeback.

It’s the little things. Now I understand why my grandmother wouldn’t let my mom wear jewelry, nail polish, etc until a certain age. As a parent it’s your job to maintain some level of innocence to your children. For me, I always joked if I had a daughter I’m guaranteed several heart attacks before the age of fifty. This is just because I would take a Malcolm X-by any means-approach in protecting her innocence as long as possible.

The solution to this lies within a simple question that may not have a simple answer. Are these girls seeking to give up their innocence by their behavior, or are overbearing, preying men taking it? —— By: Michael Abdul-Qawi


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